Meet Us


I’m Tracy and I love dogs! If you have a dog you can be my friend. I love getting stuck into all aspects of the community here at L’Arche: I like to work at Root Soup, Green Buds and like to DJ when I can at the L’Arche discos. I am also a mean ten pin bowler and play for Pin Pals every Wednesday.



I’m EJ and I love Grease the musical, Christmas music, going for walks and going to church. I love my nursery rhymes and fairy tales and always enjoy someone reading them to me. I am super laid back and always down to chill. I am always up going for a burger with friends and I will always beat you to the dancefloor at the L’Arche disco!



I’m Larry and I like cars, sausage and chips, and horror movies. I have family in Canada and love visiting them in the Summer; I keep in touch with them via Skype and email the rest of the year. I have a tricycle and love bikes too! I love my iPhone and am always asking Siri questions and taking photos.



I’m Jillian and I like art, music, dancing and looking gorgeous! I love going around with my mate Maria to tell the world about L’Arche. My favourite band is ABBA and always lead the songs we use for saying grace at dinner time. If you come to visit you will see all my artwork everywhere. I really enjoy helping round the house and doing jobs.



I’m May and I like going for coffees, taking part in social activities and helping the L’Arche community. I often get to interview the new assistants before they arrive. I work in the gift shop in the Titanic Museum here in Belfast, am part of the Root Soup team and help out at the L’Arche office.



I’m Emily and I am a live-out assistant. I really enjoy pranking my mate Larry and frankly everyone for that matter. I am in the Green Buds team and am May’s reference person. I have a dog called Finley who also spends a lot of time in L’Arche. I am an artist recently graduated from Ulster University.



I’m Will and I’m a live-in volunteer at the Ember. I like driving people places and doing work in the garden. I also really like eating and always have double what anyone else eats. I’m always up for any outing and anything new; I love to explore and discover. When I’m not present at the Ember I like to go for long walks in the wilderness in my super cool bandanna.