Grow Cook Cater


GROW   In the Garden young people will follow the seasons of the year and be challenged to ready the ground, plant, tend the plot, and harvest.  They will also take responsibility for caring for the chickens. As part of this work they will benefit from a structured programme of education, training and exercise and be encouraged to develop their own gardens independently. Nutrition awareness and improved diets will result.

COOK    In the Kitchen young people will have the opportunity to prepare, cook and serve meals using produce grown in the Garden.  The training will develop independent living skills, communication and team work. Nutrition awareness and improved diets will result.


CATER   The Table Programme will develop the young people’s skills to share the food they have grown and cooked.  They will develop food service skills in different environments – serving their friends and families with meals, providing community lunches for disadvantaged communities and catering for community and corporate functions.

The training programme will include a Summer transition period, participation in Fetes and work day visits providing interactive, social and work experiences for participants.

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