Join us in our journey towards a world where everyone belongs. By donating today you can help the Belfast community continue creating places of friendship for and with adults who have a learning disabilities. These are spaces where they can develop new skills, grow in confidence and share their gifts. Your support also makes possible our mission of making known the invaluable contributions of people with disabilities, so they can claim their place as precious members of our society.

Just click the Donate button to give a one-off gift. If you prefer to support us on an ongoing basis, you may want to consider the INVEST option of becoming a “shareholder”.

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Investing in L’Arche Belfast

In business, investors get a share of company profits. In L’Arche, our investors receive something more rewarding: Through their support to the gift of friendship, they become part of an international movement that aims to make our world a more inclusive, human place.

Investors are an essential part of L’Arche, and so we keep them updated through regular updates from our core members. However, as an investor, you can choose how often and in what way you want us to contact you. We usually send emails, photos and even videos of the ongoing activities. Digital communication is our default channel because it helps us reduce our administration costs, but if you prefer us to contact you by post, we’ll be happy to facilitate it. You can also pop in to see us! We’d be delighted to share a cup of tea.

From as little as £5 per month (less than a cup of coffee each week) you can become part of L’Arche Belfast and help us create spaces of belonging for people with learning disabilities.

Wondering who signs the letters? Here are two of our authors, May Chung (left) and Nicola Cowan (right). Both of them are part of our office team and they’ll be more than happy to keep you updated.